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Why Saturday Night Church?

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Many people assume that adding a second service is only the result of an overgrown first service. That is certainly a valid reason to add a service, but it's not the only reason.

After lots of prayer and conversations with our leadership team and spiritual advisory committee, we feel the church is ready to branch out.

Here are three reasons why we're starting Saturday Night Church.

1 - Our mission is clear. We exist to make Jesus irresistible to people everywhere. It's the "why" behind everything we do. The decision to launch Saturday Night Church is about reaching more people who might not otherwise be available on Sundays. We are staying true to our mission. Attending church is more irresistible when people are given alternative options.

2 - Our vision is clear. "Be loved, belong, be you" represents the "how" we accomplish the mission. It would be easier to place a demand on people to attend church on Sunday. People who love God will make time for him on that sacred day. Right? Well, our vision is based on God's love for humanity, not the other way around. We are staying true to our vision by loving people who aren't available on Sunday.

3 - Our culture is clear. Grace Road Church is driven by six core values that shape our culture. The sum total of each value creates an environment that is intentional. One of the culture values states, "We push the boundaries of church and social innovation to reach people." Saturday Night Church is designed to push beyond the ordinary so that more people can be reached. It's one more way to make the church relevant to new generations of people.

We are excited to start Saturday Night Church on June 22nd. As with any new endeavor, we will give it time to develop and make tweaks along the way. We believe that great things are about to happen.

Get ready for Saturday Night Church!

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