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Official Statement on Two Service Times

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Join us in faith, prayer and support as we move forward with two worship services.

Dear Church Family & Friends,

Just eight months ago, we started the exciting journey of leading Grace Road Church towards health, growth and sustainability. As some of you may recall, in early January, we began with only about 20 people. Today, our church family has grown to over fifty people. Praise God!

Church attendance typically decreases when the kids are out of school, yet we have seen even more individuals, couples and families join our community. This development is promising and may indicate even more growth over the next six to nine months. We are believing God for big things!

I recently announced, with the support of our leadership team, the launch of two worship services commencing on September 17th, 2017. It’s no coincidence we made the decision to start this initiative on the nationally recognized Back to Church Sunday. More people will start attending church again soon and we have made considerable preparations to accommodate their needs. I’m writing this letter to provide more context, and ask for your support.

Since January, we have seen two primary demographics emerge, namely young millennial families and empty nesters. Empty nesters typically prefer starting their day a little earlier. Young millennial parents, on the other hand, require more time in the morning to rally the kids and transport the whole gang to church. We are offering 9:30 and 11:30 a.m. service options to better serve the diverse needs of the people God is attracting to the church.

Perhaps I can best explain this next season with terms used by marketing professionals. Essentially, we are engaging in what marketers call A/B Testing, which is a process used to compare two versions against each other to determine which performs better. With respect to the church, we will closely measure the effectiveness of each service to determine which option best meets the needs of the church and its leaders and volunteers. We may conclude after several months that keeping both services is necessary, or we may conclude the church is better served with one service at the most optimal time.

I am grateful to God for prompting Grace Road Church to begin exploring ways to better serve the people in our church and extended Black Diamond community. I am keenly interested in seeing more souls come to saving faith in Jesus, while protecting the health of our church family.

Please join me in faith, prayer and support as we follow the leading of the Holy Spirit during this next season.


Pastor Rob

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