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Do You Feel Loved By God?

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If you're happy and you know it clap your hands! Such a simple concept, but how true. I'm convinced that capturing even a glimpse of God's love will change our countenance into that leaping and shouting type of joy. You know, the kind we read about in the Bible.

We all have seasons when the intellectual knowledge of God's love doesn't quite match what we're feeling inside. We have this nagging tendency to lose sight of His love. We tend to get down, discouraged, or even depressed.

Why do we not always feel loved? Why does our joy seep out of our souls like coffee out of a leaky Starbucks cup? Is there something wrong with God's love?

No way! The Bible declares that nothing can separate us from God's love. God's love never fails!

I want you to think of God's love like the sun shining down on the earth making everything bright and warm. There's something special that happens when the sun finally breaks through after days of cloudy weather. It puts a smile on our face. We get Spring fever. George Harrison even wrote a song about it!

The problem is not God's love. The problem is we allow the dark clouds of doubt, fear and misunderstanding to block His love from shining bright in our souls. We momentarily lose site of how much He loves us. We believe lies instead of the truth.

Have you ever flown on a plane when it's cloudy outside? As soon as the plane ascends above the clouds, you realize it's actually a very beautiful day. The problem is never the sun, it's those pesky dark clouds that block the sun!

I want to encourage you to focus back on Jesus and how much He loves you. You are a forgiven person! You are seated in heavenly places with Christ! You are perfectly clean and righteous! He knows the number of hairs on your head and loves you completely! His love is shining right down on you.

Learn to feel God's love. Choose to be loved.

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