Grace Road Church seeks to provide as much financial transparency as possible to the general public. More details are available upon written request for regular church members only.


In 2018, the church received $141,872.62 in total income, which includes offerings, outside support and miscellaneous gifts. The church is 100 percent supported by the generous gifts from our local community and ministry partners. We are grateful for your support. Thank you.

Part of the giving mentioned above came by way of the Summer Yard Sale and Seed Harvest campaign. The yard sale and campaign raised a total of $10,291.73 combined. The entire amount raised was used to make significant cosmetic upgrades to the building, including painting and floor restoration downstairs.

The pie chart below illustrates how the ministry expenses were allocated in 2018.

In 2018 the church secured a lease to purchase contract with the building owners. We are seeking to raise approximately $375,000 over the next three years to secure full ownership of the property. If you would like to participate in that effort, submit your financial gifts either by check or online with a note that indicates "building fund".