Our Story


Pastors Rob and Annie Wachter founded Church Under Grace on Easter Sunday, 2016 in Maple Valley, Washington. Just a few months after the launch the Lord moved in an unexpected, but exciting new direction. This would mark the intersection between Church Under Grace and another local church in Black Diamond called High Road Church, led by Pastor Tom Stark and his wife Kathryn Stark.

After several months of prayer and pastoral guidance, Church Under Grace and High Road Church formed a mutual agreement to facilitate a "restart" that would best serve the spiritual needs of the Black Diamond community.

The restart brought about a new church name that represented the direction the Spirit was leading. The name Grace Road Church reflects the beauty of God's wisdom in bringing together two churches with different, but complimentary strengths and backgrounds.

High Road Church

Pastor Tom and his wife Kathryn planted High Road Church in 2008, where they faithfully served the Black Diamond community for eight years. During those years, Tom and Kathryn's leadership touched many lives and initiated important programs to serve the community.

In the early days of the ministry, Tom and Kathryn began the process of restoring an abandoned church building in Black Diamond, which is currently the worship location for Grace Road Church. In that building, High Road Church served the area through weekly church services, bible studies, and youth outreaches.

Tom and Kathryn also started a free community meal program offered weekly to anyone seeking a warm and nutritious meal. The effort led to the formation of The Community Meal Council, started by Pastor Tom and two other pastors in the surrounding area, Robert Morris and Kenton Johnson. The meal program was adopted by Grace Road Church and continues to serve the community each week.

Tom and Kathryn's service and investment in the Black Diamond area will be felt for many years to come. Grace Road Church wishes them the very best as they enjoy the next chapter in their ministry and lives.

Moving Forward

Pastors Rob and Annie Wachter officially took the lead of Grace Road Church on January 1st, 2017. The first service attracted about 22 people. Inspired by a new, contemporary vision designed to meet the changing spiritual needs of a growing and shifting demographic, the church quickly started growing and continues to make exciting growth strides.

Grace Road Church consists of new leadership under the guidance of Pastors Rob and Annie. The church government structure, Bylaws, board of directors, and tenants of faith is consistent with the organization formerly known as Church Under Grace.


Grace Road Church belongs to an international network of more than 110 churches, counseling ministries, and training ministries throughout the United States and beyond. Network 220 aligns with the chore beliefs of the church and provides opportunities to connect with like-minded ministries, friends, and churches who share a passion for the life-changing message in the Gospel. 


We believe working together with other churches and ministries to support the Body of Christ and serve the local community is important. The Maple Valley Ministerial Association is comprised of churches and ministries from all denominations and has been impacting lives, improving the greater Maple Valley community, and providing accountability among pastors and churches for many years. We are honored to be named among the association.

Maple Valley Presbyterian Church

We are honored to receive the pastoral blessing and ongoing financial support of the Maple Valley Presbyterian Church (MVPC). Although we are a non-denominational church, MVPC shares our vision to see a vibrant, growing, and healthy church established in the greater Black Diamond area. MVPC is our primary financial sponsor and we consider them an extension of our church family.